The Nolands Foundation works with clients helping them to recognize, as a matter of urgency, that B-BBEE can contribute to an organisation’s growth and profit, if done correctly. We therefore encourage our clients to become proactive by doing the following:
  1. Take a strategic viewpoint to transformation 
  2. Structure a B-BBEE Strategy that fits with the company's long-term goals before the next verification is due 
  3. Look for ways to fulfil short term goals. We are able to guide clients in how to achieve short- term wins, well within most companies’ strategies and capabilities. 
  4. Take a broader view of B-BBEE that will contribute to meaningful economic transformation and growth. 
  5. Allow the Nolands Foundation to assist you in preparing your organisation to not only meet but maximise its compliance goals. 
  6. The Nolands Foundation is working with a number of organisations who are doing amazing work. We have verified and approved these organisations as they can provide real impact and maximum B-BBEE and SED points for you, the client. 

Please feel free to contact Paul Jones, CEO the Nolands Foundation:


Mobile +27 82 880 4856

How involvement in our Foundation can improve your BBBEE scorecard