“Economic Crime: Are you prepared for life’s uncertainties?”

According to latest research, more than a third of organisations have fallen victim to economic crime in the past year, yet many are not adequately prepared to deal with it or do not understand their fraud risks.

Add to that an alarmingly negative perception of authorities ability to successfully investigate and prosecute fraud and the picture becomes quite concerning.

With a need for more pro-active fraud risk management it is imperative that business leaders and employees understand the economic crime landscape and how to deal with it in their workplace.

At Nolands Forensics we believe in managing risks pro-actively. One method of doing this is upfront engaging and educating of Clients to adequately manage the risk of economic crime in their workplace.

We follow a consultative approach and in addition to investigating economic crime after it has happened, we are also able to pro-actively work with Clients to review their organisations with a view to identify vulnerabilities and implementing solutions to address these.

We believe that combating Economic Crime is as much an employee responsibility as it is the responsibility of a business leader and owner. As such, our customized Economic Crime awareness workshop focuses on educating and empowering its target audience with the necessary knowledge and tools to identify and combat Economic Crime in the workplace.

If you are interested in any of these services or require more information, please contact us on: enquiries@nolandsforensics.co.za