Become a Licensee

It is a very big decision to become part of another brand. In our conversations with potential licencees, including those who have gone on to join us, many have spoken about the emotional difficulty of giving up a brand name that has been carefully built up, sometimes over many years. At Nolands we understand this, far more than most. We too have built a brand that we’re very proud of and appreciate the weight of this decision.

That said, we have seen, time and again, the immediate benefits of practicing under the Nolands name. And the enormous potential for the future.

These are some of the benefits of becoming a Nolands Licencee:

•  Young and dynamic brand.
•  Becoming part of one of the fastest growing practices in the country and one which is rapidly becoming a preferred alternative to the big four.
•  Opportunities to provide increased & improved services to your clients by leveraging off larger skills base.
•  Central compliance in respect of IRBA issues.
•  Pool of resources at your disposal including different skills sets.
•  On-going marketing support through advertising, brochures, web presence, Community initiatives, sponsorships, branded client gifts, PR, newsletters, social media, events
•  BEE strategy support
•  IT and recruitment resources and support.
•  Exposure to international alliance.
•  Ability to use other licensed offices for work in specific locations in SA and worldwide e.g. stock takes, specialist advice in offshore locations
•  Rated as one of the preferred training firms by trainee accountants
•  Tried and tested business systems and processes.
•  Savings on stationery, branding material, software licences etc. due to economies of scale.
•  Access to Practice Management advice.
•  Access to specialist advice through a panel of specialists in audit, IFRS, tax, company law, trusts, administration of deceased estates & estate planning.
•  To arrange for a confidential chat, please fill in this short form and submit to us.


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Here are some of the things our licencees have said:

Since making the choice to become a Nolands Licensee, I have not looked back. The Nolands Branches, although independent of each other, are like a family. Always there to offer support and advice to each other if needed. Being a licensee also comes with the advantage of being a nationally recognised name which benefits from local and national advertising and the ability to draw on in-house resources to offer services which were not available as a sole practitioner.
JOHN BLAIR, Partner, Nolands Bloemfontein

The main driver was that the culture fit was there and that everyone could communicate. One of the things that Nolands offers is separate legal entities that subscribe to a bigger brand and that gives one a huge amount of flexibility. Each office is allowed their own culture while being integrally part of something bigger.
DARRYL FORDHAM,  CEO, Nolands Johannesburg

Having a backing makes it all so much easier. Knowing that you are able to deliver is very re-assuring. What I believe is crucially important is the building of trust between individuals in the different centres, trust that comes from doing what you say you’re going to do … I have never been let down.

DAVID MASTERTON, PARTNER, Nolands Port Elizabeth

“When we decided to join Nolands back in 2015 the whole idea was to have a strong branding as in Mauritius most of our audit clients are offshore structures, they look for international brandings. We competed with the big boys and are very proud to be the first Nolands licensee outside South Africa. The brand has given us visibility on the global market and the interaction among the licensees is wonderful in terms of relationship, professionalism and support. The trust and, confidence among the licensees give us the power and energy to serve prestigious clients. Nolands give us the opportunity to be considered as an International and reputable brand.”